what is quikset?

Quikset Resin Footing Compound

Gedbra Industries Ltd brings you QUIKSET®, a fast, light and durable innovative post mix resin footing compound for installing wooden and metal posts and sections of various cross sections and shapes in the ground. It is a revolutionary alternative to heavy, dirty and time-consuming curing, ready to use concrete mixtures in bags. One or two component bags can even replace up to 3 bags of ready concrete mixture.

QUIKSET® is used for footing wooden or steel fences, road and information signs, garden lights, park benches, roofing, swings, picnic tables, playgrounds, flag poles, garbage bins, billboards and all types of park equipment or decorations. It is a revolutionary alternative to concrete which until now has always been used for the jobs.

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Timbabuild Wood Fillers

Timbabuild is a comprehensive range of products designed to enable high quality, durable and cost-effective timber repairs to be carried out, with the minimum of effort and maximum efficiency.

Timbabuild repairs are guaranteed for 10 years and are always stronger than the original wood.

Traditionally, where damaged and rotten timbers in a building are subject to stress and movement, they have been difficult to repair.

Timbabuild is a high performance alternative to replacing areas of rotten & damaged timber.

The Timbabuild repair system is designed to be easy to use, fast and provide a long lasting strong finish.

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